In The Hedges



Our landscape pieces are very special to us.  First introduced in 1996, the powerful imagery combined with Harry's innovative technical approach results in a unique and fresh style. The work you will see on this site is the culmination of years of blowing experience and technical development-  Because of the perilous process involved in making this body of work, each piece is one-of-a-kind and should be purchased as such.  (Prices Subject to Change.)

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Vases by Wendy
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The Field of Edifice Rock
(6.5 in. H.) $800.00
Eternal Pasture
Good Fences
(8.5 in. H.) $1,200.00
(7 in. H.) $1,100.00
It's a Beautiful Day
(4.5 in. H.) $800.00
(9 in. H.) $1,200.00
Sliver of Morning
(4.5 in. H.) $800.00
Landscape Vases
Big Sky
(8 in. H.) $1,350.00
Back Field in Autumn
(5 in. H.) $600.00
Moment of Zen
(10.5 in. H.) $1,300.00
Five Cypress
(6.5 in. H.) $1,250.00
Cedar Moments
(6.5 in. H.) $700.00
Indigo Skies
(X in. H.) $xx.00
Dingle Ireland