Babushka Lady



A collaborative effort begun in 1996, we are honored to have the opportunity to continue our work with Ken Leslie who is not only an accomplished painter and book artist, but also a terrific guy. His painted work truly reflects his narrative painting style; and is available on a limited basis as schedules allow.

Enameled Vases Special Collaborations
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(7.5 in. H.) $1,200.00
Ken's Cloudy Day
(8 in. H.) $2,200.00
A Red Tie Day
(7 in. H.) $1,200.00
Singing Lady w/Dress
(11 in. H.) $2,250.00
(11 in. H.) $2,250.00
Tuesday's Suit
(9.5 in. H.) $1,675.00
Alfonze w/Grey Suit
(9 in. H.) $2,250.00
White Suit Devil
(8 in. H.) $1,550.00
Imagery by Ken Leslie
Dog Eat Dog
(6 in. H.) $1,200.00
(X in. H.) $xx.00
(X in. H.) $xx.00
(X in. H.) $xx.00
Civil Union