MORE INFO :  Most importantly, please keep in mind when using any of our glass candlesticks, that they are NOT made of scientific (borosilicate) glass and therefore, sharp temperature changes -such as letting the candle flame burn down into the bowl of your candlestick holder-should be avoided.  The trapped heat could cause the glass to crack.  To avoid this, use inserts or extinguish the flame at approximately 1 above the flange. With proper care, these and all our glass pieces will last for generations!

Other Notes- The opening of the candlestick bowl is made with a standard taper in mind. If you use a candle with a bigger base try this width reducing tip- immerse the candle bottom in hot water for several seconds then place the candle directly into the candlestick holder for a neater, self-carved custom fit.  (No whittled ends or wax shavings to clean up!) For a smaller candle you can buy a product called Mr. Mole's Sticky Wax ( or try a small piece of museum putty.

Historical Note- The first candlesticks from our studio were made 20 years ago for me by Harry.  We were newly married and when Christmas came, I had no matching candlestick holders for an Advent wreath.  Harry, always wanting to be helpful when he can, made some for me out of glass! Two decades later, we offer the same basic stick but now in 5 sizes and 9 colors!  We've never documented this, but we're pretty sure we were the first contemporary American glass studio to make candlesticks.