MORE INFO :   Use alone, or paired up with our bubble bowl for a striking centerpiece arrangement.

Most importantly, please keep in mind when using any of our glass candlesticks, that they are NOT made of scientific (borosilicate) glass and therefore, sharp temperature changes -such as letting the candle flame burn down into the bowl of your candlestick holder-should be avoided.  The trapped heat could cause the glass to crack.  To avoid this, use inserts or extinguish the flame at approximately 1 above the flange. With proper care, these and all our glass pieces will last for generations!

Other Notes- The opening of the candlestick bowl is made with a standard taper in mind. If you use a candle with a bigger base try this width reducing tip- immerse the candle bottom in hot water for several seconds then place the candle directly into the candlestick holder for a neater, self-carved custom fit.  (No whittled ends or wax shavings to clean up!) For a smaller candle you can buy a product called Mr. Mole's Sticky Wax ( or try a small piece of museum putty.

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