ĺ─˙For The Love of Flowersĺ─¨, Kentucky Museum of Arts and Design, Louisville  2005

ĺ─˙Living Colorĺ─¨, Society for Contemporary Craft, Pittsburgh 2005

ĺ─˙Annual Marble Exhibitĺ─¨, Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Cincinnati 2005

ĺ─˙Annual Goblet Invitationalĺ─¨, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX  2002-3

ĺ─˙Glass Marblesĺ─¨, American Gallery, Ohio 2003

ĺ─˙Harry and Wendy Are Back in TorshłÇllaĺ─¨, Klockberget, TorshłÇlla, Sweden 2003

ĺ─˙Scent Invitational└˙, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas,TX  2003

ĺ─˙Marvelous Marbles└˙, Fuller Museum Of Art, Brockton, MA 2003

ĺ─˙Glass Marbles 2003└˙,American Gallery, Sylvania, OH 2002

ĺ─˙Collectors' Week-End└˙ Wheaton Village, Millville, NJ 2002

ĺ─˙8th Annual Goblet Invitational└˙, Kittrell/ Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX 2002   

ĺ─˙Red Hot└˙, Barre Studio Place Arts, Barre ,Vermont 2002

ĺ─˙Encased Glass Todayĺ─¨ Vesperman Gallery, Atlanta 2001

ĺ─˙7th Annual Goblet Invitational└˙, Kittrell/Riffkind Art Glass, Dallas, TX 2001

ĺ─˙Goblet Show XV└˙, Glasshouse Studio, Seattle, WA 2001

ĺ─˙Holiday Settings Galleryĺ─¨ 205, Concord, NH 2000

ĺ─˙Liquid Fire└˙, Helen Day Arts Center,   Stowe, VT 2000

ĺ─˙Time Honored└˙ VSCC Frog Hollow, Middlebury, VT 2000

ĺ─˙Marble Mania 2000└˙, A Show Of Hands Gallery, Columbus, OH 2000

ĺ─˙Heads Upĺ─¨ Vesperman, Gallery, Atlanta, 2000

ĺ─˙New Century Perfume Vial & Goblet Exhibition└˙ Vesperman Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1999.

ĺ─˙Holiday Exhibition, Gallery 500, Elkins Park, PA 1999

ĺ─˙Artist Featuretteĺ─¨, Works Gallery, New York 1999

ĺ─˙Scents And Nonscents└˙, Signature Galleries, Boston, MA 1999

ĺ─˙Living With Crafts└˙*,League Of NH Craftsmen, Sunapee, NH 1999

*(Winner E.L. Grodin Best Collaborative Award)

ĺ─˙Perfumes & Paperweights└˙ Del Mano Gallery, Pasadena, CA 1999

ĺ─¨On The Ball: The Sphere In Contemporary Sculpture└˙ The Decordova Museum, Lincoln, MA 1998

ĺ─¨Mastering Dimension: The Challenge Of Small Glass Sculpture└˙ Gallery Of American Craft, Wheaton Village, NJ 1998

ĺ─˙Marble Extravaganza└˙ A Show Of Hands Gallery, Columbus, OH 1998

ĺ─˙Paperweight Show└˙, Vesperman Gallery, Atlanta, GA 1999            

ĺ─˙Recent Works└˙ ,Solo Exhibit, Symmetry Gallery, NY 1997

ĺ─˙Vermont Glass 1997└˙,Vermont State Craft Center 1997

ĺ─˙Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Show└˙ Vermont State Craft Center, VT 1996

ĺ─˙Governor's Windowĺ─¨, Solo Exhibit, State House, Montpelier, VT 1996.

ĺ─˙Collector's Week-End Exhibit ĺ─˙ Wheaton Village, NJ 1996

ĺ─˙A Sampler└˙ (Inaugural Exhibition), Norman D. Stevens Gallery, CT 1995

ĺ─˙Master Works└˙, LNHC, Manchester, NH 1994

ĺ─˙The Art Of Glass Multiplesĺ─¨ Society Of Arts And Crafts ,Boston, Ma 1994

ĺ─¨ Annual Glass Invitational└˙, Phoenix Rising Gallery, Seattle, Wa1994-96

ĺ─¨Contemporary Decorative Arts└˙ Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, NH1994

ĺ─˙Intersections└˙,Robert Hull Fleming Museum, VT 1993 ĺ─˙Adult Toys└˙,

ĺ─˙Mindscape Galleryĺ─¨, IL 1992

ĺ─˙Glass Invitational 1992└˙ Ariana Gallery, MI 1992

ĺ─˙Cups└˙  Signature Gallery,  Boston, MA 1991

ĺ─˙North American Glass 1991*└˙  Mill Gallery, CT  1991 * First Prize Winner

ĺ─˙Sixteenth Annual Juried Exhibit*└˙ League Of NH Craftsmen, Manchester,

NH (*Shane Family Glass Award) 1990

ĺ─˙New Work└˙ Tomlinson Craft Collection, Baltimore, MD 1990

ĺ─˙Annual Invitational└˙  Naples Art Gallery, Naples, FL 1990

ĺ─˙Metal And Glass└˙ VT State Crafts Center, Middlebury, VT 1989

ĺ─˙Perfumes & Paperweights└˙ Del Mano Gallery, Pasadena, CA 1989-90

ĺ─˙Arteast└˙  Society Of Arts And Crafts, Boston, MA 1988

ĺ─˙New Hampshire Crafts Biennial*└˙  Manchester, NH 1986 *Best Of Show Award

ĺ─˙New Additions└˙  Collections Gallery, Binghamton, NY 1987

ĺ─˙Group Show└˙  Artisans Gallery Great Neck, NY 1987

ĺ─˙New Hampshire Crafts Biennial*└˙  Manchester, NH 1986 *Juror Award

ĺ─˙American Glass Sampler└˙            Gallery, Malibu, CA 1986

ĺ─˙Living With Crafts└˙ Sunapee, NH 1985-87

ĺ─˙Contemporary Classics└˙ Society Of Arts & Crafts  Boston, MA 1985

ĺ─˙One Man Show└˙   Eskilstuna, Sweden 1983  

ĺ─¨Paperweights Of Tomorrow└˙ Lucerne, Switzerland 1983

Water Glass And Pitcher To Honor Governor's Visit, Hardwick, VT 2003

Maple Syrup Bottle, Vermont Dept. Of Agriculture 2001

ĺ─˙The Senator John H. Ewing Award└˙ Sponsored By Lake Drive School For

The Deaf And Lucent Technologies Annual ĺ─˙Cathedral Bowl└˙ Commission

For The Massachusetts Council Of Churches 25 Year Commemoration 2000

Vermont's Teacher Of The Year Award 1998

Stem Ware For Starry Night Cafe, Ferrisburgh Artisan's   Guild, Ferrisburgh, VT1996-2000 

Communion Challis For The Catholic Church 1999

And For The Episcopal Church 1992

The Marble Collector's Society Of America Museum (CT)

The Woodbine Glass Museum (Illinois)

The Klockberget Museum In Torshalla, Sweden

Corning Museum Of Glass (Pending)

And The Smithsonian (Pending).


Public Collections Including: